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- Forbes Oct 18, 2011

Podcast content is created by and hosted by Karl Schieneman, Esq., founder of Review Less.

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Review Less has been at the forefront of creative approaches to make E-Discovery better, faster and cheaper since its inception in 2011.

The cornerstone of Review Less is not technology. It's about improving document review workflows and sourcing the best and brightest document review attorneys in the country into small, agile teams.

Myth 1 in E-Discovery is you must use TAR (Technology Assisted Review) to reduce the costs of review. We have found that by doing a review right the first time with less second pass review time and lower cost is in everyone’s best interest -- and requires no predictive coding.

Our review teams are comprised of attorneys who are typically fixing the mistakes of the body shops' first pass reviews. We have unique workflows and methodologies that enable review to be done right the first time.

Using these techniques in the Garlock Asbestos Bankruptcy case, where Karl Schieneman was Special Master, resulted in a million dollar savings in the document review aspect of the case, which had over a billion dollars of claims at issue and was covered in LTN as a highly successful use of Special Masters.

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Review Less is well established in the TAR or predictive coding space as one of the first highly visible users in 2012’s highly successful Global Aerospace case, which was subsequently covered by the Wall Street Journal. We co-authored a highly cited law review article on how Rule 26(g) interplays with TAR, and a successful self-created and funded CLE tour of the country in 2013 alongside some of the top judges and e-discovery lawyers in the country.

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