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With 70% of e-discovery costs tied up in review, the focus in e-discovery has been searching for the elusive technological holy grail of reducing the crippling costs of document review work. Solutions are neither as difficult as others make it seem, nor as simple as lowering the hourly cost of reviewers. You can save tremendous amounts of money and time simply by doing review right the first time.

Low cost reviews in sweatshop environments typically result in much more expensive second pass reviews to clean up inconsistencies and mistakes made during the first pass. The key to doing it right is higher quality reviewers and paying close attention to communication.

The end goal is getting quality reviews done right the first time. QC cannot be completely eliminated, but we have been able to reduce it by 80% in some cases. Improving review is the primary focus of Review Less. We are committed to having document review recognized as a unique skill, at which only a fraction of practicing lawyers are proficient.

If you are looking only at the bill rate, and your reviewer has a pulse and shows up at your review center, you are likely going to suffer from some sort of review fatigue, which is an e-discovery medical condition usually experienced by clients and their insurance carriers.

To see if you can get beyond Review Fatigue, take the short review runway test illustrated in the following:

Case Study 1: Trial Review

Ask your typical body shop if they can support trial counsel in a 14,000 document privilege review and do a high quality review in 3 ½ days, resulting in production and 2/3rds cost savings? With not enough runway to fix bad coding, few review shops can get this job done without playing "Russian Roulette discovery." Our clients recognize our unmatched approach to screening candidates and identifying the cream of the crop of document review attorneys. We can achieve results like these within several days of the inquiry, making us able to handle even small cases.

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Case Study 2: Building a Complete QC Team.

Ask your typical body shop if they can assemble a team of 20 MidWest based review attorneys, all with substantial QC experience, and finish an 8 week project in 3 ½ weeks with minimal follow up QC required. Can you find 20 exceptional reviewers out of the gate to start and end your project as your initial review team, instead working to cull your review team down to the 20 best reviewers while the bad ones are coding on live documents?

Our principals have been in the e-discovery world since 1998, and have staffed some of the largest cases in the country. We were at the forefront of what today is called Midwest Sourcing. As a value proposition this makes sense, but it suffers from the same issue as Off Shore review. The focus is on price, not quality. Through intelligent sourcing and better workflow, there is no reason clients can’t have it both ways and source talent instead of just sourcing price. Do it right the first time as often as possible. That is the Review Less way.

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About Review Less

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Review Less reflects the passion of its founder Karl Schieneman to help make e-discovery a less painful process for corporations and law firms. To do this he continues to assemble a talented and national team of accountants, lawyers, technologists and other professionals who can execute on processes to either improve document review techniques and/or leverage more technology.

Karl's education combined business and law with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was on Law Review. Following successful stints as a litigator in complex commercial litigation, and after winning awards at the Big 4 Accounting Firm Price Waterhouse, he decided to follow his passion and become an entrepreneur. His role in developing the contract attorney market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania included staffing some of the largest projects in the country. He was the first participant to develop contract attorney modeling tools (through StaffRite software) to analyze cost effectiveness, illustrate the budgeting process for contract attorneys, and provide a foundation for project management. He also publicly advocated and implemented a Midwest Sourcing strategy to national corporations outside of Pittsburgh as a cost saving option as early as 2002. After selling his corporation to a national staffing company, he quickly became their recognized e-discovery resource.

So it's no surprise that over the last several years he has built on his experiences working in the technology side of e-discovery. He has become both an advocate for the increased use of document culling technology, such as predictive coding and advanced analytical review tools, along with improving the quality of contract attorneys through better testing and education.

Review Less does more than push e-discovery forward; it remains ahead of the curve by creating national e-discovery education initiatives such as ESIBytes, by surveying and educating a national audience on predictive coding as an Adjunct Analyst with EDJ Group, and by opening Friends of E-Discovery networking groups across the United States. These efforts help keep Review Less at the forefront of e-discovery trends around the world.

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