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The three pillars of Review Less education are free, local, and cutting edge.

FREE: The free topics are found on podcasts engaging industry experts on topics from a library of over 200 podcasts hosted at With over 400,000 downloads, we are known throughout the world. Why pay for webinar content when you can download it for free and cut out the middleman? Most of the prominent speakers from the largest programs have done ESIBytes programs.

LOCAL and FREE: Friends of E-Discovery is the brainchild of Tom Allman and Pete Pepiton, who started a group in Cincinnati. Karl Schieneman became a quick convert and opened the Pittsburgh chapter, followed by supporting chapters in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Nashville, Minneapolis and San Francisco. Yes it’s great to spend thousands of dollars to visit the beltway and hear the same industry pundits talk. But have you ever had that empty post-CLE feeling that the experts have disappeared after you return? Local benchmarking and frequent meetings with your local community of e-discovery experts push the field forward among your neighbors of e-discovery experts. Check out for more information.

TAKING IT ON THE ROAD: We have created our own material of top rated and vendor neutral TAR programs and also spoken at national events when invited. Because Review Less clients are national, we are happy to present at events when they can fit with our schedule.

We enjoy writing, but it interferes with our ability to help reviewers, so we no longer are active bloggers. However, we have an archive of past blog posts which received a good deal of attention when we were blogging. We called the blog DocReviewMD which aptly describes how Review Less is attempting to cure the pain of document review. Feel free to peruse our prior posts on technology and review.

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About Review Less

Review less. Get more.

Review Less reflects the passion of its founder Karl Schieneman to help make e-discovery a less painful process for corporations and law firms. To do this he continues to assemble a talented and national team of accountants, lawyers, technologists and other professionals who can execute on processes to either improve document review techniques and/or leverage more technology.

Karl's education combined business and law with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was on Law Review. Following successful stints as a litigator in complex commercial litigation, and after winning awards at the Big 4 Accounting Firm Price Waterhouse, he decided to follow his passion and become an entrepreneur. His role in developing the contract attorney market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania included staffing some of the largest projects in the country. He was the first participant to develop contract attorney modeling tools (through StaffRite software) to analyze cost effectiveness, illustrate the budgeting process for contract attorneys, and provide a foundation for project management. He also publicly advocated and implemented a Midwest Sourcing strategy to national corporations outside of Pittsburgh as a cost saving option as early as 2002. After selling his corporation to a national staffing company, he quickly became their recognized e-discovery resource.

So it's no surprise that over the last several years he has built on his experiences working in the technology side of e-discovery. He has become both an advocate for the increased use of document culling technology, such as predictive coding and advanced analytical review tools, along with improving the quality of contract attorneys through better testing and education.

Review Less does more than push e-discovery forward; it remains ahead of the curve by creating national e-discovery education initiatives such as ESIBytes, by surveying and educating a national audience on predictive coding as an Adjunct Analyst with EDJ Group, and by opening Friends of E-Discovery networking groups across the United States. These efforts help keep Review Less at the forefront of e-discovery trends around the world.

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